For Students

Queensland Parliament provides a number of resources for students who are studying politics and government in Queensland. For any of the subjects below simply click on the link to go to the relevant resource.

Introduction to Queensland Parliament

Unicameral legislatures, or parliaments with only one chamber, are uncommon in Westminster parliamentary democracies. It is generally considered that the preferred parliamentary model is two chambers with both a Lower House and an Upper House of review.

The History of Parliament House

On 6 June 1859, Queen Victoria approved the creation of a new colony to be called Queensland.  On 10 December of the same year, Sir George Ferguson Bowen arrived in Brisbane as the new colony's Governor and officially proclaimed the Colony of Queensland.

Youth Parliaments

The Queensland Parliament hosts and supports Youth Parliament events throughout the year. Youth parliaments provide the opportunity for school students to serve as "Youth Members" and gain an in-depth understanding of Queensland's parliamentary processes. Youth Parliament programs see students introduce and then debate a mock Bill or motion. When possible, the content of the Bill or motion will reflect topical issues of interest to Queensland students.

Queensland Government Fact Sheets

Fact sheets are divided by subject and educational level.